ISO 304-1985 “Determination of surface tension of surfactant by drawing liquid film”

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The international standard ISO 304 was developed by the Technical Committee ISO/TC91, Surfactants.

The second edition cancelled and replaced the first edition (ISO 304-1978), which was a minor revision.

Users should note that, unless otherwise noted, all international standards are revised from time to time, and unless otherwise noted, any reference herein to any other international standard is meant to be the latest version.

ISO 304-1985 “Determination of surface tension of surfactant by drawing liquid film”

Surface tension is a basic property of liquids in general, especially surfactant aqueous solutions.

However, in the case of surfactant solutions, measurements of this property do not allow any assumptions to be made about its decontamination, wettability, foaming, emulsifying activity, etc. In fact, no relationship can be established between the properties of the surfactant and the surface tension of the solution.

1 Scope and domain of application
This standard specifies a test method for determining the surface tension of surfactants and aqueous or organic solutions containing one or more surfactants by drawing liquid membranes.

It is also suitable for surface tension measurement of pure liquids or solutions other than those described above.

Note – A number of methods have been established to determine surface tension, such as:

a) Method of drawing liquid film by plate, stirrup or ring:

b) Methods for measuring the rise of liquid in capillary tubes;

c) maximum ball pressure method;

d) falling weight method;

e) Drop or handless ball method;

f) suspension droplet method;

g) Dynamic method based on flow characteristic measurement;

h) Methods for studying waves generated in capillary jets.

The draw-based liquid film approach has significant advantages in terms of simple procedures and commercial availability of highly automated equipment.

2 Reference Materials
ISO 862, Surfactants — Vocabulary.

ISO 2456, Surfactants – Water used as a test solvent.

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