Method for preparation of silver nanowire films by wire rod coater

Silver nanowires are slender, nanoscale, linear structures made of silver atoms, typically ranging from tens to hundreds of nanometers in diameter and several micrometers in length. Silver nanowire is an important nanomaterial with excellent conductivity, transparency and flexibility.

Silver nanowires have many applications, including flexible electronic devices, transparent conductive films, sensors, biosensors, etc. Among them, transparent conductive films are one of the most widely used in manufacturing display screens and electrodes in touch-screens, smartphones, televisions and other electronic products.

Method for preparation of silver nanowire films by wire rod coater

Preparation method
The method of preparing silver nanowire thin films using wire bar coater is as follows:

Preparation of silver nanowire solution: Silver nanowire is mixed with solvent and fully dispersed under ultrasonic treatment.

Prepare the substrate: Select the suitable substrate, such as PET and other materials, and perform surface cleaning and pretreatment.

Coating: Use a wire coater to evenly coat the silver nanowire solution onto the substrate.

Baking: The coated sample is placed in an oven and baked so that the silver nanowires form a dense film.

Finally, the electrode preparation and testing and other subsequent steps are carried out.

It should be noted that in the process of preparing silver nanowire films, parameters such as solution concentration, coating speed and temperature need to be controlled to obtain high quality silver nanowire films.

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