1700 degree high temperature drying oven

Usage overview:

This system is a new integrated high temperature muffle furnace developed by our company. The furnace body and the control part are integrated, which greatly reduces the space occupied.It is mainly used in metallurgy, glass and ceramics

Refractory materials, crystals, electronic components, kiln manufacturing and small steel parts return, tempering and other high temperature heat treatment and other fields;It is also the ideal equipment for product sintering at high temperature.



※ Firebrick furnace (with “N” series after model) : It is a traditional refractory material, with the characteristics of wide application and high cost performance.

※ Ceramic fiber furnace (with “A” series after model) : It can meet various requirements of rapid sintering and is an upgrade product of traditional furnace.


1700 degree high temperature drying oven


♦ Large LCD display, integrated design, reasonable door stove design, make the operation more safe and convenient.

♦ The box body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the shell color is baked at high temperature, which is more durable.

♦ Adopt microcomputer PID temperature controller, accurate and reliable temperature control.

♦ Light weight, more convenient to move.

♦ High heating speed, more efficient use.

♦ The appearance design is more reasonable, the temperature is uniform, and the use is more convenient.

♦ Equips with over current, over voltage, overheat, leakage, short circuit and other safety protection measures to ensure more safe use.

♦ Good heat insulation effect, the box wall and furnace are designed with double layer structure, and ceramic fiberboard is used as heat insulation material

1700 degree high temperature drying oven


PowerAC380V 50HZ   
Max temperature1600℃1700℃   
Use temperatureRT+50~1500℃RT+50~1600℃   
Furnace material ceramic fiber   
Heat methodsNickel chromium wire (molybdenum-containing)   
Display modeliquid crystal display   
Temperature control modeProgrammed PID control   
Input power 8KW9KW12KW8KW9KW12KW   
Work room size

(W*D*H mm)

Effective Volume5.4L9L12L5.49L12L  

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