Bacteria microbe mold incubator

Usage overview:

Biochemical incubator with refrigeration and heating two-way temperature regulation system, temperature control function, is the biological, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and other industries of scientific research institutions,

Important thermostatic equipment for universities, production units or departmental laboratories.Widely used in water analysis and BOD determination, bacteria, mold, microorganism culture, preservation, plant cultivation, breeding test

Constant temperature culture test


Bacteria microbe mold incubator

Product features:

♦ Adopts mirror stainless steel inner liner, four corners semi-circular design is easy to clean, the shelf spacing in the box can be adjusted.

♦ Large LCD display, multi-group data one screen display, menu type operation interface, easy to understand, easy to operate.

♦ Microcomputer PID control mode, temperature control precision fluctuation is small, with timing function, time set value 99 hours 99 minutes.

♦ Double door structure, good heat insulation performance, observation of the box does not affect the temperature inside, convenient and reliable.

♦ The bottom foot of the box adopts universal wheel and independent fixed foot design, which is easy to adjust and lock, and easy to move.

♦ Adopt intelligent circulating fan and reasonably designed air duct structure to create a good air circulation system and effectively ensure the uniformity of temperature inside the box.

♦ Intelligent compressor cooling system can effectively extend the service life of the compressor.


Bacteria microbe mold incubator

Product optimization:

♦ Optional box door observation window (optional)

♦ There is a 25mm/50mm diameter test hole on the left side of the box, which is convenient for experimental operation and temperature measurement.(optional)

♦ Intelligent LCD programmable multi-stage controller (optional)

♦ 30 programmable segments can be preset, and each segment can be set for 1 to 99 hours and 99 minutes.

♦ Multi-stage programmable control, simplify the complex test process, truly achieve automatic control and operation.

♦ Independent temperature limit alarm system (optional)

♦ When the temperature exceeds the limit, the operation will be automatically interrupted, and the sound and light alarm will prompt the operator.Ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.

♦ Convenient data processing (optional)

♦ USB or RS485

Bacteria microbe mold incubator

VoltageAC220V 50HZ


Temperatre controlRT+20~400℃
Constant temperature fluctuation±2℃
Temperature resolution0.1℃
Heating MethodsHeated by electric heating tube
Input power500W650w900w1150w1250w1450w1650w
Work room size


Outside size


Effective volume70L100L150L250L300L500L800L
 Tank material stainless steel
Slide bracket2pcs3pcs
Timing range1~9999min


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