Application overview:

Electric heating constant temperature air drying oven is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical and health care, medicine, biology, agriculture, electronics, chemical industry, environmental protection, scientific research units and other departments for goods

For baking, drying, dissolving, disinfecting, etc.


Product features:

Adopt new synthetic silicon sealing strip, can run at high temperature for a long time, long service life.

Large LCD display, multiple groups of data one screen display, menu type operation interface, simple to understand, easy to operate.

Adopt over-temperature deviation protection, microcomputer PID temperature controller, with timing function, accurate and reliable temperature control.

Mirror stainless steel material is used inside the box body, shelf height can be adjusted freely, the four corners of the semi-circular arc design is more convenient for cleaning.

The outside of the box is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is beautiful and novel in shape.Surface electrostatic spray plastic, safe and reliable.

Adopt intelligent air duct circulation system, automatic discharge of water vapor inside the box body, no trouble of manual adjustment.

Independent temperature limit alarm system, over the limit temperature will automatically interrupt, to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accident.(optional)

Can be equipped with printer or RS485 interface, used to connect the printer or computer, can record the change of temperature parameters.(optional)


Optional accessories:

Intelligent program controller

Independent temperature limiting controller

Embedded printer

RS485 interface and test software

The test of 25 mm / 50 mm holes

Technical Specification

VoltageAC220V 50HZ 
Temp controlRT+10~250℃ 
Constant temperature fluctuation±1℃ 
Temperature resolution0.1℃ 
Input power800W850W1100W1550W2050W2050W 
Work Room Size
Outside size
Effective volume30L50L80L136L220L260L 
Slide bracket2pcs 
Timing range1~9999min

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