DROP SHAPE ANALYZER Contact Angle Test Machine


DROP SHAPE ANALYZER Contact Angle Test Machine 


Contact angle (Contact angle) refers to the tangent of the gas-liquid interface at the intersection of gas, liquid and solid, the angle between the liquid side and solid-liquid junction, contact angle measurement is the main method of surface performance detection.

SDC-500S automatic contact angle meter is a special device using appearance image analysis (Shape image analysis) method to measure sample surface contact angle, wetting energy, surface interface tension, surface energy, rolling (sliding angle), forward and backward angle and lag, multi-point automatic intelligent contact angle measurement and other performance. The equipment has a high degree of automation and can be fitted with automatic assembly line.

DROP SHAPE ANALYZER Contact Angle Test Machine


Contact angle meters are widely used in various industry fields, in mobile phone manufacturing, glass manufacturing, surface treatment, has become an important instrument to evaluate surface performance, material research, chemical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, coating ink, electronic circuits, textile fiber, medical biology and other fields.

(Some test functions need to be purchased with special accessories)

1. The wetting behavior of liquid spreading, penetration and absorption on the solid surface, and the static contact angle is measured by the seat drop method;

2. Measurement of the forward, backward, contact, backward, rolling and dynamic contact angles of the material on the solid surface;

3. Continuous real-time study and process recording of absorption materials, and curve analysis of contact angle with time;

4. Contact angle measurements of various special materials, such as powder, curved surfaces, hyper-hydrophobic / ultra-hydrophilic samples;

5. The contact angle test of the attachment droplet test material immersed in the liquid;

6. Suspension drop method measures the interface tension and its polarity and dispersion components of various liquid surface;

7. Computing solid surface free energy (Surface free energy), and its polar dispersion components;

8. Adadhesion work (Adhersion) of liquid on solid surface was analyzed to assess solid surface uniformity, cleanliness, etc.

 contact angle meter are mainly composed of light source, injection unit, sample table, collection system and analysis software. The equipment adopts the principle of optical imaging.

The light source adopts dense LED cold light design, uniform light emitting, image cleaning, long life;

The injection unit adopts the high-precision injection pump injection, which is controlled by the software quantification speed. The drops are stable and have extremely high accuracy. The injection unit automatically rises and drops the connection;

The sample platform adopts 3 D automatic displacement device and full software control to realize automatic fixed-point positioning measurement, and different test schemes can be set up according to different products;

The collection system adopts black and white imported CCD camera, the shooting is stable, clear image, real and reliable, the lens adopts the German industrial far-heart zoom doubling import configuration, 0.7-4.5 times amplification adjustable 3mm fine-tuning, imaging without deformity distortion;

The analysis software is powerful, with one-click automatic fitting ability, has the international leading fitting method, to meet the accurate fit of various droplet forms;


Technical Specification

Contact Angle Host

outline dimension

750mm (long) * 365.5mm (wide) * 615mm (height)


About 50KG


220V / 60HZ

Light source system


Dense LED can adjust the blue tone industrial grade cold light source

life span

Service life of more than 25,000 hours

Injection unit


Special supporting high-precision quartz syringe, capacity of 500 L

dropping liquid

The software controls automatic fluid with accuracy up to 0.01 L

The injection unit is moved

Automatic automatically travel 50mm and about 50mm

acquisition system


SONY originally imported high-speed industrial-class chips, 25 frames / S, 130W pixels

camera lens

0.7-4.5 x HD industrial class continuous variable fication microscope

Collection system regulation

Front and rear 50mm (3mm fine tuning), perspective angle adjustable (flat, down, back, 360 ° rotation multi-perspective observation)

Sample table device

Working table size

120mm * 160mm (customizable to actual sample size)

Maximum sample size

6 inches

Sample table moving

Front and rear movement is automatic, travel of 150mm, precision of 0.01mm

Automatic left and right movement, 100mm, precision of 0.01mm

Manual movement up and down, travel of 16mm, precision of 0.01mm

The sample table is tilted

Slkew range: 0-180 °

The software can automatically judge the slip angle

Analyze software

Contact angle measurement range


Contact angle measurement accuracy


Analyze software functions

1. The most advanced domestic contact angle measurement and analysis software is automatically proposed as legal (one-click automatic fitting,

No artificial error) includes: circle method fitting (Circle method), ellipse / oblique

Elliptic quasi-legal (Ellipse / Oblique ellipse), LY, differential ellipse method / micro

Divalization method (Differential circle / Differential ellipse);

2. Dynamic contact angle fitting (batch fitting of multiple images) includes: wetting performance test

(Wettability), Video continuous fitting computation (Video analysis);

3. Surface energy calculation (Surface energy)

4. Forward and backward angle measurement (Advancing and receding angle)

5. Adhesion work (Adhesion work)

6. Setting function of automatic sample batch measurement scheme (supporting the test scheme setting of specified samples and the transfer of automatic test scheme)

7. Sample scheme setting: the measurement plan can be set in the software according to the actual sample size specifications. If the same product, you can directly transfer the stored scheme for direct test

8. One-key multi-point measurement (multiple cycles): automatic sample feeding and automatic liquid receiving software automatically completes the measurement and automatically changes a point

9. The measurement scheme can be set for different samples and can be saved, so as to facilitate the direct transfer of measurement when the same type of sample is measured again


 Compliance with relevant national standards

1.GB / T 24368-2009 (glass surface hydrophobic pollutant detection);

2.SY / T5153-2007 (determination of reservoir rock wetting);

3.ASTM D 724-99 (2003) (Test method for surface wetability of paper);

4.ASTM D5946-2004 (measurement of contact angle of plastic film and water);

5.ISO15989 (Measurement of water contact angle of plastic film and sheet corona-treated films);


 Equipment options

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