Product introduction:
Thermal deformation vicat, softening point temperature tester using PLC programmable controller which can adjust the temperature by using the computer display.This is the product of simple operation, easy to use, stable performance, high precision products, and in the process of test can be real monitoring test temperature and deformation;At the end of the test system automatically stop heating, and can print test reports and test curve.This series of machine is the quality inspection units, colleges and universities and various enterprises self-checking, a necessary instruments.

Product features:

Have sample frame lifting function, can at the end of the trial begins or lifting or lowering the specimen holder, this machine is mainly used for non-metallic materials such as plastic, rubber, nylon, electrical insulating materials of the thermal deformation temperature and vicat softening point temperature measurement.

Execution standard:

GB/T1633 the thermoplastic vicat softening temperature (VST) determination”
GB/T1634 “determination of plastic deformation temperature load, part 1: general test methods,
GB/T8802 “plastic pipe fittings softening temperature determination”
IS075-2013 “determination of plastic deformation temperature load
ASTM D 648 “plastic thermal deformation temperature testing method”
ASTM D 1525 “plastic D CARDS, Vicat softening temperature of the test method,

Technical parameters:

temperature control range: ambient temperature to 300 ℃
heating rate: (120 + 10 ℃)/h (12 + 1) 6 ℃ / min
(+ 5) 50 ℃ / h (5 + / – 0.5) 6 ℃ / min
temperature error value: 0.1 ℃
temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.5 ℃

maximum deformation and shown error: + / – 0.001 mm
deformation measuring range: 0-2 mm
sample frame number: 3
load lever and tray quality: 68 g
heating medium: methyl silicone oil or transformer oil
cooling method: more than 150 natural cooling, 150 under water or natural cooling
heating power: 4 kw


1, an electric control case
2, host machine 1pcs
3, three sample frame
4, the thermal deformation pressure head three
5, vicat needle three
6, Jordan farmar (including box weights) three sets of (table)
7, multi-purpose socket





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