LR-B006  Muffle Furnace


Muffle furnace is engineered to heat electronic component andplastic chemical products to test aging performance. These muffle are used for annealing, heating, sintering, melting, incinerating or hardening metals.


LR-B006  Muffle Furnace


1.The external material is SECC steel plate,baking finish. The innar material is silicon carbide ceramics.

2.Top heating element has longlife character.

3.Temperature is controlled automatically by PID.

4.The furnace permits faster heat-up and reduce energy consumption.

5.Over temperature protection and over-load protection

6.Cyclic system:thermal radiation APO

7.Gas furnace

8.PID temperature controller meets full automatic constant temperature function.

9.Timer:Timekeeping when up to the presetting temperature,power outage alarm indication.

10.It can be customized according to customer specifications.

LR-B006  Muffle Furnace


Inner size12×8×2020×15×4025×16×4030×20×50
External size42×67×4846×72×4842×67×4862×87×58
Temperature range(℃)RT~1200℃
Heating timeRT~1200℃  about 60 minutes
Power220V or 380V,60HZ
Rate of work38




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