LR-C004   50KN Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Project description:

Domestic microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine started in the early 90 s, in order to improve the skill level of the enterprise products, the company has introduced foreign advanced technology, make the company’s product technical level onto a new stage.


LR-C004   50KN Universal Tensile Testing Machine


This product is widely used in mechanical properties of metal, non-metallic materials, such as drawing, pressing and bending shear.It can be used in the mechanical properties of profiles and components.It is also widely applied in the field of testing of materials such as rope, belt, silk, rubber and plastics.Applicable to quality supervision, teaching research, aerospace, steel metallurgy, automobile, construction materials and other test fields.


LR-C004   50KN Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Technical Specification

Max Force(kN)50
Accuracy Level1 level
Test force measurement range2%-100%
Test force indication relative error<±1%
Test resolutionMax force 1/300000
Deformation range2%-100%
Deformation indication relative error<±1%
Deformation resolutionMaximum deformation 1/300000
Displacement indication relative error<±1%
Displacement resolution(mm)0.001
Speed range0.01mm/min ~ 500mm/min
Tensile stroke(mm)700
Compression space(mm)700
Test width(mm)400
Can match the fixtureStretching, compression, bending, cutting, stripping, tearing, etc
Main frame size(mm)770*465*1730
Servo motor power(kW)1.0
Total weight(kg)400

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