Elastic impactor   


TCJ – Ⅱ elastic impacter is in accordance with the requirements of ASTMD2794, ISO6272 standard design and manufacture.Mainly used for testing the impact resistance of color steel and other paint film.Under standard conditions, the dry film of color paint, varnish or related products will undergo denaturation under the impact of heavy hammer, and the properties of cracking resistance or stripping from the substrate will be tested.

There are two kinds of test methods: pass/fail and grade test.

Elastic impactor   

Technical parameters:

1 set of impact hammer per ISO and ASTM standard

Taken the ISO standards:

Impact height: 0-100cm

The punch ball diameter: Ø 20 mm

Weight: 1Kg x 2 (1Kg or 2Kg)

Elastic impactor   

Taken the ASTM standards:

Impact height: 0-40in (in.)

The punch ball diameter:Ø 0.625 in (15.9 mm)

Weight: 2 LBS (LBS) x 2 PCS (2 LBS or 4 LBS)

Net amount of instrument: 18Kg

Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 1400mm (length x width x height)



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