LR-K006  UL1581 Horizontal vertical flammability tester

Test standard :

The test machine is designed according to the relevant provisions of  UL1581-2006 1080 (VW -1 combustion test) and 1100 section (horizontal sample/FT2 combustion test).

Main functions :

The UL1581 combustion test chamber is suitable for testing the flame retardant properties of the insulation layer of the cable cable under abnormal conditions such as overheat and overflow.The test chamber consists of test part and control part.The control system has high degree of automation. It has automatic ignition and temperature function, temperature and time number display. It is convenient to observe and reliable.

LR-K006  UL1581 Horizontal vertical flammability tester

Technical parameters:

high anti-corrosion steel seal, spraying high anti-corrosion coat, no air flow test

enclosure front toughened glass observation door, convenient for observation test

operation panel in observation door on the right side, convenient for observation test

Acuity 4.0 m3 Ø internal volume

thermal sensor (10.0 + / – 0.05 g and thermocouple electrolytic copper piece)

K type thermocouple, with 0.5 mm diameter stainless steel pipe’s coat

intelligent PID temperature controller and match the K type thermocouple, the readings of up to 1000 ℃

timer: 0 ~ 99 m99 h99/99/99 s99 can be set freely, minimum resolution can reach 0.01 S

test flames rising from 100 ℃ + 2 ℃ to 100 ℃ + 3 ℃ when need time for 54 s + 2 s

main fixture: test stand and the burning torch

test support: # by SUS304 stainless steel, stents and vertical points level

combustion burner: meet the requirements of ASTM D 5025-05, standard power: 500 w.Nozzle diameter: 0.90 + 0.03 mm, nozzle length: 1.60 + 0.05 mm, nozzle diameter: 9.5mm;Air inlet height: 100mm + 10mm

low noise industrial fan, exhaust, quickly test personnel are not exposed to the gas completely, harmless to the body

adopts PLC control system and large screen, touch screen, interface aesthetics, simple operation and easy to understand

gas: purity of at least 98% methane, bring your own gas by the customer

transmission system adopts step motor control, Angle can be set, easy to operate accurately

configurable printers, print test reports


LR-K006  UL1581 Horizontal vertical flammability tester

Control system:

(1) mainly include: flowmeter, pressure difference meter;

(2) flow meter: 1000ml/min;

(3) combustion reducing valve: 1;

(4) u-shaped differential pressure meter: 1.





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