LR-K005  Single wire vertical combustion tester

The reference standard

In 2008, IEC60332‐1‐ 2, GB/T 18380.13‐ 2008, IEC60332‐1‐2 ‐2‐2 ‐2‐2 ‐2‐2 ‐2‐ 1, EN50265‐ 1, GB/T5169.14‐2007 and IEC60695‐ 2.

Technical specifications

The vertical combustion test machine of single wire and cable is suitable for measuring the non-spreading performance of single plastic wire, control line, crosslinking, elevator, Marine and mine cable.Still can do self-extinguishing high low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin insulation material and 105 ℃ low smoke zero halogen flame retardant olefin irradiation vertical burning test of insulation material.The device is the equipment for the testing of a single wire cable, which has the advantages of high accuracy, automatic timing, automatic end test and simple operation.

LR-K005  Single wire vertical combustion tester

The basic specifications

  1. Combustion chamber: the size of the box body is 300x, 1200 x depth and 450mm;
  2. Combustion burner: 1KW combustion nozzle (based on GB/t5169.14-2007 / iec60695-11-2:2003 standard), the blue flame height is 50 ~ 60mm, and the total height of the flame is 170 ~ 190mm.
  3. Gas: the gas with a high purity of 95%
  4. Sample installation:
  5. Sample length: 600-plus / 25mm;

The distance between the upper bracket of two horizontal supports and the upper margin of the lower bracket was 550mm;

  1. For fire time: 0.1-999.9S continuous setting, the flame can be continuously burnt during the set time.
  2. Installation position of the burner: the upper bracket of the blue flame contact point distance is 475mm, and the vertical axis of the spray lamp and the sample is 45 degree Angle
  3. Control function: manual or automatic;
  4. Range of gas flow: 100-1000ml/min;

Air flow range: 1-10l/min;

  1. Pressure gauge: 0~0.75kpa range adjustment
  2. Ignition mode: high voltage automatic ignition


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