LR-K003  Needle flame Tester

The reference standard

IEC 884-1, GB2099.1, VDE, IEC335, GB4706.1, GB5169.5, UL1694.

Technical specifications

This product according to used in electronic, electrical products due to fault conditions, such as through the leak path of fault current, components or parts of overheating, such as bad contact also may cause fire, it may be shot into the nearby on the part of the test is simulation under fault conditions inside the product produced by the small flame, simulation technology is used to evaluate the fire risk.For small parts (or components) hot wire test or horizontal – vertical combustion test method is not suitable, can cite needle flame test method.If the sample is ignited during the hot wire test, a needle flame test is required for the combustion hazard.Suitable for electronic electrical products, household appliances, components, such as: terminal, centrifugal switch, electric rice cooker socket.

LR-K003  Needle flame Tester

Basic specifications

1) contents of the box: 0.5 cubic meter, with glass observation door

2) fuel: butane gas

3) burner specification: more than 35 mm long, inner Ø + / – 0.1 mm, 0.5 mm outside diameter less than 0.9 mm Ø

4) flame height: 12mm + 1mm can be adjusted

5) flame temperature: 100 ℃ to 700 ℃ within 23.5 + / – 1 S

6) timer: adjustable in the range of 0 ~ 99 minutes and 99 seconds, the burning time can be set, and the burning duration can be recorded

7) product features: the combustion box and main mechanical parts of this test instrument are stainless steel, beautiful appearance, smoke resistance and air corrosion.The time figures show that the jig can be adjusted in three dimensions, the control system is automated and the independent sniffle, and the observation record is convenient and reliable.With temperature measuring device.

8) power supply: AC220V / 50Hz


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