LR-K002  PLC Glow Wire Test Machine

Test Standard

IEC 60695-2-10/11/12/13, IE  60884-1, GB2099.1, IEC 60335-1, GB4706.1, VDE0620.

Technical specifications

This test instrument is mainly used for electrical and electronic components or parts under the condition of fault or overload, may reach too high temperature or near light them parts, glow wire test simulation of the heat components or overload resistance of heat or ignition source such as caused by the thermal stress in a short time, the simulation technology is used to assess fire hazard, suitable for electrical and electronic products, components, household electrical appliances components with plastic non-metallic insulation materials and parts, such as: switch shell, relay sockets, etc.

LR-K002  PLC Glow Wire Test Machine

Basic specifications

1) contents of the box: 0.5 cubic meter, with glass observation door

2) room illumination: less than 20LUX

3) hot filament temperature: room temperature to 1050 ℃ can be adjusted,

4) : thermocouple temperature measurement using Ø 1 mm nickel chrome armoured thermocouple type (K) imports

Error tolerance for 5) temperature: 500 ~ 750 ℃ + / – 5 ℃;750 ~ 960 ℃ plus or minus 10 ℃

6) the force of the searing wire on the sample: 1.00-0.2n, and the pressure penetration depth is 7mm + 0.5mm

7) hot wire: the searing filament is a ring made of a standard size of 4mm in diameter with a nickel/chromium (80/20) silk.The diameter of the hot wire is 4.0 +/ -0.04 mm before bending, and it cannot be reduced to 90% after bending. The other dimensions are produced according to the standard deviation requirement.

8) the moving speed of the hot wire near and out of the sample: 10mm/s-25mm/s;

9) timer: 0 ~ 99 in 99 seconds adjustable, accuracy: + 1 second hot time (Ta) can be set, starting burning duration (Ti) and flame extinguishing time (Te) can be recorded

10) product features: this test instrument automation control system, the car will automatically in the clamping sample since the start of the sample run to the glow wire, will automatically be returned to set the burning time, internal for the black background, with convulsions and lighting equipment, time, temperature digital display, convenient observation records.

11) power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz


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