The main purpose

LEW series microcomputer screen display steel cable tension test machine is used for tensile strength test and analysis of prestressed steel wire.Test operation and data processing load GB/t5224-2003 “prestressed concrete steel wire” requirements.

The machine is composed of oil cylinder and lute oil source control cabinet, and the oil pump adopts the low noise high performance gear pump of Italian mazuchi.The stretch space is above the host, and the compression and bending test is located between the middle beam and the table.The adjustment of the test space is realized by moving the beam in the middle beam and the beam is driven by the chain.Manually adjust the oil intake to achieve the tensile, compression and bending of the material.After the experiment, the experimental results of automatic material FM, RPO. 2, RM and Ft were adopted.

Technical parameters

The product name microcomputer screen display type steel cable tension test machine

Product model LEW-500B/600B LEW-1000B

Structural form oil cylinder liner host structure

Maximum test force (KN) 500/600 1000

Testing machine level 1

Test force measurement range of 2% to 100%FS

The relative error of the test force is less than 1% of the value of the indicated value

Force resolution 1/30,000

Deformation measurement device electronic extension meter

The relative error of the deformation indication value is equal to plus or minus 0.5% of the value

Displacement measuring device photoelectric encoder

The relative error of the displacement value is equal to plus or minus 1% of the value

Displacement resolution (mm) 0.01

Beam adjustment speed (mm/min) 120

Maximum piston stroke (mm) 250

Control mode manually loaded

Safety protection device mechanical limit protection and software overload protection

Effective stretch space (mm) 1000

Effective compression space (mm) 600

Clamp mode hydraulic automatic clamping

Maximum moving speed of piston (mm/min) 60

Column spacing (mm) 540mm 650mm

Steel wire clamp diameter (mm). 9-30

Pressure plate size (mm) 204*204

Main frame size (mm) 830*580*2550 1060*660*2950

Host power (kw) 0.55 0.75

Oil source control cabinet dimensions (mm) 580*550*1280 580*550*1280

Control cabinet power (kw) 1.51.5

Host weight (kg) 3000Kg 4500Kg









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