LR-N001   Offset printing proofer


1.Automatic ink leveling, stable operation, precision processing

2.Uniform ink time, the speed can be set

3.Printing pressure and speed can be adjusted, printing speed 3 gear: low, medium, high

4.Uniform ink speed: low, medium, high, 3 gears setting, each time can be proofing 4 colors

5.Suitable for printing offset ink spot color proofing, 4 primary color areas, 4 light color areas, easy to colors, easy to use.

7.Use color measurement with spectrophotometer to detect ink color phase, dry and wet, gloss, Lab value.


LR-N001   Offset printing proofer


Pressure adjust0-2MM
N/G Weight75KG
Flattening Height280MM
Flattening Length640MM
Flattening Width380MM
Input Voltage220V 50Hz
printing area4pcs-Primary colors,45X225/pcs(Light color area 4pcs)
Rate of power400W
color sample size45X 225mm-4pcs

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