ZY-XSY01 Board ink absorbency tester


Ink absorbency tester is to determine the paper or board in a certain time and area. Ability to absorb standard inks. The sample to be tested is inked according to the specified area and then put on the ink wiping table, according to the specified speed, absorption time under certain pressure, Ink wiping table and fan body relative motion to erase excess ink stains process analysis ink .   The penetration of paper and conjunctiva, to understand the penetration of ink on paper

 And paper ink film drying and ink film surface properties. Implementation standard   (GB2911 paper and board – Determination of ink absorbency)

ZY-XSY01 Board ink absorbency tester

Product characteristics


Microcomputer control system, 4.3 “color touch screen display mode:


Automatic measurement, automatic control of ink absorption time;


Stainless steel operating table, good brain resistance and corrosion performance


ZY-XSY01 Board ink absorbency tester

Technical parameter


1, friction table wipe ink running speed :15.5+1.0cm/min


2, inking plate opening area :20+0.4cm2


3, inking plate thickness :01+ 0.02mm


4, automatic mechanism control absorption ink time :120+5s


5, man-machine interface :4.3 “color touch screen control, newly developed operating system


6. Power supply :220v/50Hz, 110W, 1A


7, working environment temperature :(20+10°C) humidity <85%


8, overall size :490*280*350mm


9. Weight :45kg

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