MFR MVR Melt Flow Index Test Machine


This is for high-precision melt flow rate instrument tester, used for testing all kinds of plastic, resin in the state of viscous flow through a certain temperature and load, every 10 min module and melt flow rate through the standard port MFR/MVR value, it is suitable for high temperature of polycarbonate, aromatic sulfone, fluorine plastics, nylon engineering plastics, can also be applied to polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, polyformaldehyde (POM), polycarbonate (PC) resin with lower melting temperature, such as plastic test, widely used in plastic production, plastic products, petrochemical industry and related colleges and universities.


MFR MVR Melt Flow Index Test Machine


GB/T3682-2018,ISO1133-2011, ASTM1238-13


MFR MVR Melt Flow Index Test Machine

Product Character:

1.More paragraphs (3) temperature control method, three groups of platinum resistance sensor, the three heating jacket separate temperature control, high accuracy intelligent PID control, ramp rate the heating speed is adjustable

2.Resolution temperature was 0.1 ℃, the temperature fluctuation of not more than 0.5 ℃ within 24 hours, the displacement sensor resolution is 0.001 mm.

Temperature and temperature protection device

3.Hand automatic cutting material, can be arbitrary set blanking time (0 ~ 999), blanking times (0 ~ 999)

4.Test can choose quality standard, or volume method, two test methods or simultaneously, and can calculate flow rate ratio.Both methods start testing when the piston rod moves to a certain location.

5.Can be set up in 240 seconds (GB3682 regulations) material preheat second countdown, after the end of the countdown, farmar automatically loaded, loaded to interval start automatic cutting, can also set the American standard (ASTM) preheating time, etc.

6.Built-in many plastic material melt index test conditions, convenient customer used to be obtained at any time, reduce the tedious work, and storing the last test conditions and results

The internal microtyping machine is convenient for printing and testing data

7.High precision touch screen controller, 7 inch touch screen, can be stored and print test conditions and data recently, test print menu Settings include test time (the default), the material name, test conditions (temperature, weight weight, blanking intervals), test results data.

8.Reserved RS232 interface or USB interface to connect computers, can through the computer control instrument operation and to save test data transmission to the computer,

9.Can manually loading weight or by stepping motor drives the ball screw rotation in order to achieve the purpose of automatic control at the top of the load weight increase or decrease


Test Methods:MFR +MVR Methods

Display Mode:English color touch screen display



Barrel parametersInner hole 9.550±0.005mm   length 163mm
Pistons head  parametersPiston head:  9.474±0.005mm
Piston rod diameter8.94mm
Mold length8.000±0.025mm
Mold nominal inner diameter2.0955±0.0051mm


Half die length4.000±0.025mm
Half die nominal inner diameter1.050±0.005mm
Temperature parameterWith intelligent temperature control instrument, with four pairs of significant temperature setting control, PID parameters can be automatically set, precision up to ± 0.1 degree centigrade
Temperature rangeRoom Temperature~500degree centigrade
Temperature fluctuation±0.2 ℃
Temperature uniformity±1℃
Temperature display resolution0.1℃
Display resolution 0.1℃
Maximum comsuption < 600W
Time display resolution 0.1s
Weight parameters are as follows:
Weight accuracy ±0.5%
Basic configuration


A    0.325kg
B    1.2kg
C    2.16kg
D    3.8kg
E     5kg
F     10kg
G    12.5kg
H     21.6kg
Position detection
Loop distance from up and down30mm
Control precision± 0.1mm
Test flow control
Times of cutting the material0~10 times
Material cutting interval0~999s(set reference Table 2)
Control flow reaches the set temperature without volatility
Barrel temperature time15 min.
Material be installed1 min.
Material sample temperature recovery time4 min.
When binder set1min
Output modeMicro-automatic print output
Cut material methodsThe hand automatic cut into one body
Test loadEight sets of weights
PowerAC220V±10%   50/60HZ

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