NK-2 Paint viscosity cup

Scope of application: widely used in the coating industry viscosity rapid and convenient determination

Objective: to provide paint manufacturers and paint users with the ability to quickly and approximately determine the outflow time of paint and similar liquids in the workshop

NK-2 Paint viscosity cup


– immerse the cup in the fluid so that the upper edge of the cup is below the horizontal surface of the liquid

– lift the cup vertically and press the stopwatch at the same time

– press stop stopwatch when the first break occurs

– three consecutive measurements are required for assessment

– the average of the three measurements is the outflow time of the liquid


NK-2 Iwata cup/Paint viscosity cup

Main technical indicators:

Model no. : nk-2 iwata cup

Internal vertical height: 43±0.1mm

External aperture: 6.0±0.5mm

Internal aperture: 3.81±0.05mm

Lis range: 70-370


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