PGO-300 Oxygen Generation Equipment



Widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, electric power, universities and other laboratory analysis and testing departments.


High purity oxygen generator is composed of electrolytic separation tank, switching power supply, liquid storage tank, pressure control, drying and purification, flow display and other systems. The “heart” electrolytic separator of the instrument is cylindrical structure. Oxygen and hydrogen can be produced at the same time, with the advantages of large electrolytic area, low temperature, good performance and high purity. The instrument is provided with a non-return liquid device, which can effectively ensure that the instrument does not return liquid phenomenon.

PGO-300 Oxygen Generation Equipment

Required technical parameters

1. Power supply voltage: 220v 50Hz

2. Gas production purity: 99.995%

3. Output traffic; 0-300ml/min

4 output pressure: 0.4Mpa (need special pressure, in the factory before the notification of the manufacturer)

5. Maximum power: 250W;

6. Ambient temperature: 0-40℃ relative humidity <85%

7. Environmental conditions: no large amount of dust and corrosive gas

8. Appearance size: 370×180×360mm (L×W×H)

9. Weight: about 13Kg;

PGO-300 Oxygen Generation Equipment



1. Simple operation, just start the power switch, can produce gas, output pressure is stable, flow by LED digital display, more intuitive and eye-catching.


2. Daily use only need to add distilled water, can be continuous use, can also be intermittent use.


3. The instrument uses power series battery technology, which can effectively reduce the temperature in the pool.


4. With no return liquid device, can effectively ensure that the instrument no return liquid phenomenon

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