PHO-16L Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator Tester


In order to meet the demand of users for hydrogen and oxygen gas double high pressure, the hydrogen and oxygen generator is introduced for users to choose. The instrument can be used while producing gas, and can also be used while storing gas, which is flexible and convenient.

PHO-16L Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator Tester

PHO-16L type high purity hydrogen oxygen gas generator is suitable for all kinds of gas chromatograph at home and abroad; Widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, medicine, food, beverage wine, environmental protection, indoor testing, health, quarantine, electricity, universities and other laboratory analysis and testing departments.

High purity is composed of electrolytic separation tank, switching power supply, liquid storage tank, pressure control, drying and purification, flow display and other systems. The “heart” electrolytic separator of the instrument has a multi-group cylinder structure. Hydrogen production, oxygen production can be carried out at the same time, the advantages of large electrolytic area, low temperature, good performance, high purity. The instrument is provided with a non-return liquid device, which can effectively ensure that the instrument does not return liquid phenomenon.

PHO-16L Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator Tester

Technical parameter

1. Power supply voltage: 220v 50Hz

2. Gas purity: 99.994% (relative oxygen content)

3. Output flow: Hydrogen 0-16L ml/min (5 combinations)

Oxygen 0-8 L ml/min (5 combinations)

4 Output pressure: 0.25Mpa (set by the factory)

5. Maximum power: 8KW; (5 combinations)

6. Ambient temperature: 0-40℃ relative humidity <85%

7. Environmental conditions: no large amount of dust and corrosive gas

8. Appearance size: 790×580×780mm (L×W×H)

9. Weight: about 400Kg; (5 combinations)

PHO-16L Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator Tester

Main characteristics

1. Features of product structure:

(1) zero-pole distance, high-activity SPE catalytic electrode pairs;

(2) The structure of multipole multi-cell with excellent chemical processes for mass and heat transfer;

(3) Material selection of multi-pole electrolytic cell with excellent electrochemical, corrosion resistance, passivation resistance and other properties;

(4) Complete, complete and reliable electrical automatic control system

PHO-16L Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas Generator Tester

Product features:


(1) electrolytic pure water (eliminate alkali) to produce hydrogen and oxygen, no corrosion, no pollution, high purity hydrogen;


(2) Low cell electricity, small internal resistance and no heating, long desiccant replacement cycle, high hydrogen purity;


(3) The electrolytic current is small, but the gas production is sufficient and the pressure boost is fast (3~5 minutes);


(4) Hydrogen and oxygen gas stable pressure, steady flow output, and automatic tracking with load gas consumption changes, automatic protection technology is complete and reliable;


(5) High voltage regulator precision, water shortage, overpressure, waterproof and other automatic protection technology is complete and reliable;


(6) Low noise (when the user is in use, the fan basically does not start);


(7) small power consumption, high electrolytic efficiency;


(8) Good sealing performance.

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