SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

1.1 The Profile:

SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine(Plasma cleaner),is a surface cleaning, activation, etch products in the atmospheric environment, usually with a high-speed rotary gun head spray gun, mainly deal with large areas, more complex shape of the material, is the industry paste is not strong, welding is not strong, printing is not easy to point off the problem of the “enemy”.Plasma cleaning as a product surface printing, packaging, fitting, coating, welding, viscose, coating process, is an important part of product upgrading, capacity expansion, cost reduction.


SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

1.2 Product features:

1.Compact machine, wide application range, professional, efficient, accurate, lasting, environmental protection, and flexible configuration, cost-effective

2.Can be combined with the production line, can be continuous operation, improve the production speed;

3.Low gas cost(CDA/N2),cost saving;

4.Advanced in the industry Full-bridge inverter circuit;

5.Patented high voltage generator design;

6.Patented gun head design, no ESD generation;

7.Unique patent discharge technology, high plasma concentration;


SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

1.3 Industrial application

1.3C industry: phone assembly bonding, camera module, earphone bonding, phone back cover baking paint, phone cover activation

2.Display industry: TP fit

3.Automotive industry bonding: headlights, steering wheel, EPDM seal, windshield, automotive electronics, automotive accessories

4.Connector industry: cable character printing

5.Household appliances: dispensing, screen printing, jet code

6.New energy: lithium battery, jet code, assembly bonding

7.Clock industry: bonding, inlaying, bonding

8.Plastic industry: surface activation, bonding, screen printing

9.Metal industry: gold plating, silver plating, welding, removal of residual organic matter

10.Glass industry:coating film, ink printing, coating, paste



 SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

Equipment Specifications:

Plasma power main machine specification
Case size560*452*186mm(L*W*H)
Input PowerSingle-phase 220 v, 50/60 hz, ground wire resistance < 0.5 Ω
Mains frequency20-50KHz
Plasma output500-700w adjustable, high power version 700-900w
Control modeI/O  port
AlarmOverload protection, short circuit protection, circuit break protection, temperature protection

Plasma power gun head specification


Spear head sizeAs shown in the following equipment drawing
Gun nozzle specificationsOptional ordinary 20mm, 30mm, 50mm (standard), 70mm nozzle

And 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 70mm muzzle


Spear head weight8KG

Plasma cleaning height


Effective plasma width


High tension line long3.5 m( 6 m We can customize the)


SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

2.2.Factory Specifications:


Factory specifications


Ac power specificationPower supply: single-phase AC220V, 50/60hz, 3-wire, 10A




Factory exhaust


Flow: 2.0 m /min ;

Pressure: -280~-350 Pa;

Diameter: 4 “;

Material: stainless steel;

Exhaust hood: according to the design of the site environment to connect the factory pumping system



Factory compressed air  requirements


Traffic: 35 LPM;

Pressure: 3~7 kg/cm;

Pipe diameter: 8×5 mm ;

Material: PU pipe;

Dew point: below -40℃;

Particle > 0.3 m: 10Pcs/ft;


Service clearance 

More than 60 cm


SPA-2800 Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning Machine/Plasma Cleaner

 2.3.General Requirements:

General  Requirements
Device rotation ratecontinuous operation  95% above
Risk identificationHigh pressure hazard identification
service environmenttemperature:15~30℃

Humidity :30~80%

Else matters need attentionNo combustible gases, corrosive gases, explosions or reactive dust



Consumable materials list


ProjectSerial numberQuantityService lifeRemark
ElectrodeDYT00112000-3500 hour 
Gun nozzleDYT01212000-3500 hour 
Bearing assemblyDYT00916000-10000 hour 
Transmission beltDYT00813000-5000 hour 


  1. Do not change consumables without training.
  2. Please turn off the power for more than 20 minutes before replacing consumables, and make high voltage protection


Configuration list
Plasma generator1 platform

Plasma head



High tension connection



1 root (standard  3.5 m)
Product specification1 this

1.Drawings of the size of the power supply main machine

2.Size drawing of high-pressure ion generator of gun head



Automation System Selection




Portal frame



Applicable scope: can be directly connected to the original production line, the length of the line in 300~600mm, high requirements on the line.

Multi-head plasma cleaner can be customized.




Specific to the actual shipment





Double station triaxial platform




Scope of application: it is suitable for products with small processing area, no need to be connected to the production line, the products can be directly processed after being placed up, and a certain capacity can be reached.

Multi-head plasma cleaner can be customized.



Specific to the actual shipment







Double station triaxial platform





Scope of application: it is suitable for products with large area, seamless connection with the original production line, the whole process automation, no increase in labor cost, no reduction in original production capacity, through product optimization, improve production capacity, greatly improve the yield and reduce production cost.

Multi-head plasma cleaner can be customized.




Specific to the actual shipment



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