STM-IV  ASTM D562 Stormer Viscometer

Basic performance
Stowe’s viscometer STM to IV is a dedicated to measure the paint, coatings, etc (i.e., KU) values for the unit with the Krebs fluid viscosity test instrument.Through function keys, can be displayed on the blue backlit LCD screen circulating Krebs units (KU), g (gm) and cP (cP) as the unit of viscosity values.
This instrument adopts 16-bit microprocessor core control circuit, paddle rotate the rotor to the rotating speed of 200 r/min, the resistance moment in the current body directly by the computer into a KU values and display on the screen, with reference to ASTM D562 industry standard, can be carried out between KU, gm, cP transformation.


STM-IV  ASTM D562 Stormer Viscometer

Main technical parameters

Measurement Range


40 ~ 141   KU

32 ~ 1,099  gm

27 ~ 5,274  cP *

Rotor configuration


                    Propeller rotor 1 piece


Measuring error


±1 %(FS)Newton fluid
Repeatability                   ±0.5 %(FS)Newton fluid


Rotational speed


 200 rotate/minutes
PowerDedicated power adapter(Input 100~240V   50~60Hz)

STM-IV  ASTM D562 Stormer Viscometer

Random standard configuration




Lifting and lifting mechanism1set
Dedicated power adapter1pcs


Base and level adjustment bolts


Propeller rotor1pcs

STM-IV  ASTM D562 Stormer Viscometer

Execution standard “rotating viscometer JJG1002-2005”

Conform to the standard “GB/T 9269-2009 coating viscosity measurement
Stowe’s viscosity meter law”


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