STM-IVB Krebs KU Vicometer


Suitable for testing coatings and paint – related viscosity values.

The Krebs units, the lipo value and the gram units are displayed simultaneously.

Contains temperature sensors to accurately measure room temperature.Built-in overload protection program, over – range automatic shutdown.

Equipped with a printing interface, the measurement results can be output to the computer.

STM-IVB Krebs KU Vicometer

Test Standard

GB/T 9269

ASTM D 562

STM-IVB Krebs KU Vicometer


Order NoPS 1006
Input voltage220V AC 50Hz
Measure range40.2-141.0 KU

32-1099 g/27-5250 cP

Display accuracy0.1 KU, 1 g, 5 cP
Accuracy±1.5% FSR
Repeatability±1.5% FSR
Outside size180×210×470 mm
Pack weight10 kg

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