The use of a trimesh microscope

The trimesh microscope is a commonly used microscope with three viewing channels, which can be used for multiple people to observe the sample simultaneously.

Basic steps:
Sample preparation: Prepare the sample to be observed and place it on the microscope table. Depending on the need, it may be necessary to use sectioning, staining, or other processing methods to optimize the observation of the sample.

Adjust the light source: Turn on the light source of the microscope and adjust the intensity of the light source through the brightness regulator. Ensure that the sample is properly illuminated and that a clear image is obtained.

Adjust the eyepiece: Adjust the focal length of the eyepiece by rotating the eyepiece so that it is clearly aligned with the sample surface. The eyepiece is usually located at the top of the microscope.

Adjust the objective lens: Select the appropriate objective lens as required. Typically, trimesh microscopes are equipped with multiple objectives with different magnifications. Select the appropriate objective lens and align it with the sample by rotating the objective wheel. At the beginning, an objective lens with a lower magnification was chosen so that the sample could be viewed as a whole.

The use of a trimesh microscope

Adjust the focusing handwheel: adjust the focal length of the objective lens by rotating the focusing handwheel to make the sample image clear. Slowly turn the handwheel and observe the change of the image until a clear image is obtained.

Sample observation: Use both eyes to observe the sample simultaneously. Aim the eye at the glass tube of the triocular microscope so that both eyes can see the sample image. The spacing of the glasses can be adjusted to suit the eye distance of the observer.

Adjust the focus: If you need to observe different areas of the sample in detail, you can use the focus handwheel for fine tuning. Gradually turn the focus handwheel as needed to keep the area to be observed clear.

Recording and analysis: Images observed under the microscope may be recorded using a camera or other recording device as required. At the same time, necessary image analysis and measurement are carried out.

We remind you: different models and brands of trimesh microscopes may have slight differences, so before using, it is recommended to refer to the relevant user manual or operation guide to ensure correct operation and obtain better observation results.

The use of a trimesh microscope is illustrated in Figure 1

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