This paper probes into the determination of abrasive property of paint film and putty

In the application of paints and putty, the smoothness of the surface often determines the overall effect and quality. And this degree of smoothness is often closely related to grinding. Grinding, refers to the dry grinding or wet grinding of abrasive materials such as sandpaper or pumice, the smooth surface of paint film or putty layer produced by the degree of difficulty. It not only has an impact on the construction quality and efficiency, especially for primer and putty, it is a vital performance index.

Evaluation method:

In order to objectively evaluate the fineness, a common method is to use a fineness tester. This instrument is designed to evaluate the polishing performance of primer and putty. In this process, the sample will be sanded back and forth, and the number of sanding will be recorded by the counter. By observing the surface phenomenon of the sample after a certain number of grinding, the polishing performance of paint film or putty is evaluated.

This paper probes into the determination of abrasive property of paint film and putty

Instruments and Materials:

Water sandpaper is an indispensable tool in this process. At the same time, the grinding tester also plays a key role. It grinds the sample back and forth through the grinding head, and the counter will record the number of grinding times. The process, the load weight and the number of polishing and wear degree constitute the evaluation criteria. In addition, manual method can also be used for grinding test, using water sandpaper on the sample evenly friction, manual grinding to ensure uniform force, grinding speed is moderate.

Quality from the results:

At the end of the test, by observing the three samples, two of them with similar performance will be selected for evaluation results. In this process, pay attention to whether the surface is uniform and smooth without light, whether there are particles that cannot be worn off or heat and soften. Results of this evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards of qualified products or not.

Quality standard: the guidance of

The national standard GB/T 1770-2008 provides specific guidance and specifications to help us accurately test and evaluate the grinding property. Following this standard not only guarantees the accuracy of the test, but also provides guidance for the production of paints and putty to ensure that it performs well in practical applications.

This paper probes into the determination of abrasive property of paint film and putty


The evaluation of abrasive properties is essential for the application of paints and putty. Through the guidance of instruments and standards, we can accurately evaluate the grinding performance of products, providing a basis for the manufacturing and application of products. The quality and appearance of paint film and putty are often closely related to the grinding, and only through scientific evaluation methods can we ensure that it can achieve better application results.

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