What reason does dispersion machine have electricity not turn?

There may be many possibilities for the reasons why the decentralized machine does not turn. Here are some common reasons and solutions:

Power failure: First check whether the power supply is normally supplied, check whether the power plug and socket are firmly connected, and ensure that the power line is not faulty.

Motor failure: If the motor fails, it may be caused by motor damage, winding circuit breakage, stator coil short circuit, etc. This situation requires contacting professional maintenance personnel for repair or replacement of the motor.

What reason does dispersion machine have electricity not turn?

Circuit fault: Check whether the control circuit of the disperser is normal. May be control switches, fuses, relays and other circuit components failure caused. Faulty circuit elements need to be checked and repaired or replaced.

Mechanical failure: The disperser may have the failure of mechanical parts, such as bearing damage, transmission belt fracture, etc. This situation requires inspection and repair or replacement of mechanical components.

Overload protection: The disperser may be equipped with overload protection device, which will automatically stop in case of overload to protect the motor. If the load of the disperser is too large when it is running, the overload protection device may be triggered, causing the motor to stop running. It is necessary to reduce the load or adjust the parameters of the disperser to avoid overload.

If the above methods cannot solve the problem, it is recommended to contact professional maintenance personnel or manufacturers for overhaul and maintenance. At the same time, the operation rules should be followed when using the disperser to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.

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