ASTM D5402 Solvent Rub Resistance Tester 


Solvent Rub Resistance Tester is used to measure the solvent – resistant wiping property of coating.The wiping head with a certain speed and wiping pressure (the absorbent cotton wetted with useful solvent for contacting the bread) is used to reciprocate wipe on the surface of the sample. The wiping times can be directly read by the counter. According to the wiping times needed for the coating to be damaged, the solvent resistant wiping performance of the coating can be evaluated.This product conforms to standards :GB/T 23989, ASTM D5402.
ASTM D5402 Solvent Rub Resistance Tester 

Major Parameter:

1. Brush stroke 120±5mm
2. Wipe frequency0 ~ 60 times/min
3. Load1000±10 grams
4. Contact surface diameter of wiping headF14±0.5mm
5. Wiping pressure on the test plate 0.06mpa
6. Test plate size75×200mm
7. Power source220V 50Hz
8. Overall dimension260×260×340 (length × width × height)
9. Weight

about 20kg


ASTM D5402 Solvent Rub Resistance Tester 

Operating instructions:

1. Unscrew the fixing bolts on both ends of the sample fixture, place the 75×200mm sample under the rubber fixing plate, and then screw the bolts tightly.

2. Take an appropriate amount of absorbent cotton and wrap it on the contact surface of the wiping head, install the hoop, tighten the fixing screw, then take an appropriate amount of absorbent cotton, put it into the inner cavity of the wiping head, drop in an appropriate amount of solvent until the wiping head is exudated, and then place the wiping head on the sliding arm.

3. Plug in the power supply, use the number setter to select the number of times you want to wipe;Turn the speed control knob to select the desired wiping speed (60 times/min is recommended, that is, the speed control knob points to MAX).

4. Turn on the governor power switch and the machine starts to work. After reaching the predetermined number of times, the machine will stop automatically and take off the sample for observation.

5. If you want to stop the machine during the operation, you can directly turn off the governor power switch, and then turn on the governor power switch to continue the work.

6. After the machine stops automatically, just press the “reset” button on the counter to start the machine again.

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