Canadian Standard Freeness Tester
Freeness Tester (Canadian Type) used for measuring the Canadian freeness number which is a measure of the drainage capacity of different pulp type ,used for determination of freeness of wood, fiber, groundwood, mechanical pulp & other.It is an useful index of the amount ofmechanical treatment given to the pulp with standard screen plate and Plexiglas measuring cylinder for CSF value.It reflects the fiber surface condition and swelling condition.Widely used in
paper making industry production in the refining process of inspection, the papermaking process and the formulation of the scientific research institutes of various kinds of papermaking and pulping experiment,Canadian freeness standard is defined in terms of the conditions, use the
Canadian freeness tester determination of 1000mL content of ( 0.3 + 0.0005)%, temperature of 20 degrees C slurry water suspension of water properties,with the apparatus side pipe outflow water volume ( mL ) represents a CFS value. The apparatus is made of stainless steel.Degree of ionization detector includes a water chamber and a proportional shunt measurement funnels, mounted on a fixed bracket. Water filtering chamber is made of stainless steel production, the bottom of the cylinder is a porous stainless steel plate and a gas-tight seal bottom cover,Canadian Standard Freeness Tester Machine CFS tester Pulp Freeness testing machine
connected by a hinge at one side of the flexible, closely on the other side, the top cover is sealed, opening the bottom cover, the pulp flow.Cylindrical and conical funnel filter water respectively by the bracket two mechanical processing has openings of the bracket flange support.
all materials is adopt ed 304 stainless steel , filter in strict accordance with the TAPPI T227
Scope of application: pulp, composite fiber

Executive standard: TAPPI T227
Standard: ISO 5267 / 2, AS / NZ 1301, 206s 6035, BS Part 2, CPPA C1,and SCAN C21; QB / T1669 1992

Canadian Standard Freeness Tester Machine CFS tester Pulp Freeness testing machine

Canadian Standard Freeness Tester Machine CFS tester Pulp Freeness testing machine

Product NamePulp canadian standard freeness tester with factory price
Measuring range0 ~ 1000CSF
Cylinder inner diameter110±0.2ml
Total height of cylinder190±0.2ml


Main conical container tilt29°±5
Screen mesh aperture0.50mm diameter


Calibration modeSelf-calibration can be realized
Dimensions (LxHxD)380×1120×450mm
Net weight60KG

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