This machine is suitable for many kinds of connector plug and pull test, adopt embedded microcomputer measure and control technology, it can show insert force, pull out force, real time force value at the same time, and has number setting, speed travel adjustable, and display speed value, automatically return to zero, unit turn calculation etc.

Is set to automatically stop the surcharge load alarm function, and has the function of automatically saved, the biggest can save ten points automatically, and average, the tabular form, save the test data of column test, with the administrator password for user can modify the password, using software calibration load value, using English tips set internal functions, convenient operation, simple.



Number of times range0-999999
Driving moderotating eccentric wheel
Range of plugging force0-50kg
Minimum interpolation resolution0.01kg
Travel adjustment example 0-60mm
Test speed10-60 (digit show)
Two unit transitionsN KG.
Machine size550(D)*470(W)*450(H)mm
Working voltagesingle phase 220V
Main circuit fuse2A


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