LR-B012  Xenon Aging Chamber


Xenon lamp aging test chamber simulates the full spectrum lamp with Xenon arc lamp to reappear the destructive wave. It serves for the environmental simulation and accelerated test for research and development, product development and quality control. Besides, the chamber also applies to the choice of new material, weathering test after composition of material and improvement for the current material. It simulate different environment, and show the material changes under the explosion of sunlight.

LR-B012  Xenon Aging Chamber

The chamber meets the standard: GB/T16585-1996 , GB14522-93 , GB/T16422.3-97, ASTM D2565 and so on.

The Chamber is to determine the color fastness, aging resistance of textiles, plastics, coatings, rubber products or other materials by objecting to the simulated conditions of nature weather (sun, rain, temperature and humidity, etc.).


1.Material of construction
 Full spectrum lamp

Optional filter system

Water spraying function

Humidity control

Temp. control system in the chamber

Sample fixed hold of irregular shape

USA imported xenon arc lamp

Easy installation and operation, seldom daily maintainance.

Service life time deepens on the irradiance level, usually 1600hrs. It’s easy to replace the lamp, with

filter of long service life time to ensure the necessary spectrum.

2.Technical parameters.
Model No., equipment nameLR-B012-150 Xenon aging test chamber
Interior sizesW500×D500×H600mm
Exterior sizesW1050×D1050×H1750mm (or so)
Temperature range0℃~80℃
Controllerimported programmable 7inch touch screen
Machine components materialinner and outer 304# stainless steel
Sample holderAluminum alloy frame base
Protection deviceresidual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) to control the warning for loop overload, thermal protection and water shortage protection.
Temp. deflection±2℃  (without lighting)
Humidity range30%~98%R.H
Humid. deflection±2.5%R.H(Humid.≥75%R.H); ±3%R.H(Humid.≤75%R.H) without lighting
Light sourceimported full spectrum xenon arc lamp(average useful life 1600hrs)
Raining time1~9999min (adjustable)
Raining period1~240min, interval(cut)adjustable
lamp powerTest period for Temp., irradiation, condensation, spray can be adjustable
Wave length range290-800nm
heating power (or so)4.0KW
humidification (or so)2.0KW
Light irradiance≤1200w/m2
Distance between arc center and sample holder:350~380mm
Revolving speed of sample holder≥1r/min
water spray perioda. spray time: 0~99h59min (Continuing or adjustable)

b. stop time: 0~99h59min, (Continuing or adjustable)

lighting timeContinuing programming control available
black panel temp.85±3℃
cooling methodMechanical wind cooling; Room temp. less than 26℃ is recommend, relative humid: ≤85%R.H; humid. and temp. tested after 2 hours under idle condition.
3.Temperature & humidity running control system
controllerimported programmable 7inch touch screen
precision rangeset precision: temp. ±0.1℃, humid: ±2%R.H, indicated precision: temp.±0.1℃,humid.: ±1%R.H
temp. & humid. sensorPlatinum Resistance(PT100Ω/MV)
black panel temp.double-metal black panel temp. thermometer
water-supplying systemauto-control humidication water-supplying, Xenon arc lamp with cycling cooling water
circulation systemlow noise heat-resistance conditioning motor, multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel
control systemmainly consists of operation panel, central controller, kinds of key-pressing sw., status indicating lamp, excution electric device etc..
4.Structure section of machine body
The chamber consists of several section: chamber body, control system, refrigeration system, heating system, humidation system, wind system, raining system, lighting system and so on.
Chamber bodya. With integrated structure, the chamber consists of up left part as working room, up right part as electric controller which is convenient to control, down part as compressor cooling group, sample holder rotation device, Xenon lamp condensation water box, water pump and other executive devices.

b. Inner wall of chamber adopts international SUS304# material.

c. Temp. insulation material is polyurethane foam and ultra-fine fibre glass, with good temp. insulation result, no frost and condensation on the external surface of chamber.

d. condensate water outfall set at the bottom of chamber

e. Environmental heat-resistance silicon sealing tape as the material of door frame.

f. Viewing window with eye-protective film on its surface to protect eyes from being injured by Xenon lamp.

external chamber bodya. Seal of door adopts the double-layer of refined silicone rubber with reliable sealing effect and no aging or hardening phenomenon under high or low temperature.

b. Single door (embedded handle);

c. Viewing window, antifrost device and lamp equipped on the door

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