LR-B013  Ozone Aging Chamber

Technical specification
1 Product performance
1.1 Item

1.2. Model

1.3. Volume

1.4 Inner size

1.5 External size

1.5 Weight

1.6 Power supply

1.7 Power

Ozone aging test chamber (Dynamic)



W500 X H600 x D500mm

W1050 X H1700 x D1100mm


AC380±5%V /50±0.5Hz


1.7 FunctionOzone in the atmosphere is very little, while it’s a major factor in rubber cracking, the product simulate and enhance atmospheric ozone condition to study the role of ozone on the rubber, and to rapid identificate and evaluate rubber resistance for ozone aging and anti-ozone agent protection. According to“GB / T7762-2003 Test Method for Static Tensile Test of Ozone Resistance Cured Rubber or Thermoplastic Rubber”,“GB / T2951.21-2008 General Test Method for Insulation and Sheathing Material of Cable”,“GB / T 11206-2009 Rubber Aging test surface cracking method”, and other relevant standards of the test method.
1.8  Principle and methodAccording to test methods and standards, test method can be divided into “static” and “dynamic”, the static means the sample is tested in the chamber after stretched well, the dynamic means the sample is installed in the clamp in the chamber, it’s tested while being stretched, (It conforms to the standard IEC 60811-403 and do the test for silica gel, cable and other soft-tube test requirements, the rigid wire material directly with the ozone contact aging), the floating of tensile is about 5% – 45% of the sample itself.
2  Main technical parameters
Temperature range: RT+10℃~60℃ (Adjustable, ozone will decompose when temp. above 60 ℃)

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

Accuracy of Tem. Distribution: ±2.0℃

Max. Tep. of Ozone: 60℃ (When the temperature is above 60 ℃, ozone decomposition rate will get rapid self-decomposition.

Heating time: around 20min from RT to 60 ℃

Humidity range: ±3.0%.

Humidity fluctuation: ±2.0%.

Ozone concentration accuracy: 50~1000pphm (adjustable, low viscosity)

Air flow amount: 20~70L/min

Air flow rate: 12~16mm/s

Revolving speed of sample holder

Ozone Accuracy: ±5.0% F.S

Ozone fluctuation: ±2.5pphm

Specimen fixture: one set of three groups of experimental static fixture

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