LR-F006  Stiffness Tester For Paper,Paperboard and Film

Application field:

The computer stiffness tester is specially used for testing the bending resistance of various paper and paperboard materials.It is a kind of high efficiency and easy to use instrument.

Executive standard:

ISO5628, ISO 2493, TAPPIT556, GB/T2679.3, GB/T23144, QB/T1051 GB, GB/T22364

LR-F006  Stiffness Tester For Paper,Paperboard and Film

Technical parameters:

Measuring range: type A  (20-10000)mN  (0-500) mN. m

Resolution: 1 mN

Accuracy: ±1%

Test speed: 300 ° /min or 200 ° /min

Load moment arm length :(5 ~ 50) mm adjustable (commonly use  50mm)

Bending Angle: 0 ~ 90 ° (commonly use  15 °)

Overall dimension: 330×340×290mm

Mass: about 14kg

Power supply: C220V, 50Hz


LR-F006  Stiffness Tester For Paper,Paperboard and Film

Product features:

(1) the use of high-precision force sensor, accuracy control in <1%, better than the standard provisions of ±2%.

(2) transparent plastic protective cover, not only easy to use, but also protect the measuring head from accidental force and damage.The preset Angle automatic control system makes the test faster and more accurate.Aluminum alloy panel, high quality stainless steel chuck, ensure the durability of the instrument.

(3)Touch screen Enlish display, friendly human-computer interface operation.Fully automatic completion of the test, with the test data processing function, micro printer output, but also connected to the computer operation.When connected to the computer, in addition to automatic memory storage results, but also can display the resistance curve and save.

(4) the instrument internal special set calibration procedures, facilitate the measurement, calibration department (a third party) on the instrument for calibration.During calibration, the accuracy of the instrument can be calibrated using standard weights or force measuring devices.

(5) wide range: the instrument has three models (A, B, C), its range can be applied to all paper and cardboard stiffness test.Type A is often used for paperboard (such as white board, grey card, ox card, etc.), type B is often used for paper (copy paper, kraft paper, release paper, spray film paper, etc.), type C is often used for low quantity 100g/㎡ below the paper (such as carbon paper, thermal paper).


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