LR-F027B  Thickness Tester of Paper 


The paper thickness tester uses digital display to read the thickness of the measured objects, and its technical requirements and detection methods are in line with the standard QB/T1055

“Paper and board thickness tester” and other standards of the requirements and provisions, used for testing packaging paper and coated printing paper within 4mm single layer thickness, layer thickness and apparent density determination, suitable for paper mills, scientific research colleges and quality inspection departments.

Test principle: the prescribed under static load, in accordance with the requirements of the precision of the thickness gauge, according to the test to measure the single sheet or a stack of sheet thickness, respectively by single layer thickness or laminated thickness measurement results to show, according to the quantitative and single layer thickness of paper or cardboard or laminated thickness, respectively calculated monolayer tightness or laminated tightness.

LR-F027B  Thickness Tester of Paper 


Digital display handheld high precision, stable reading;

Compact structure, portable, strong and durable;

Exquisite paint process, rust resistance, corrosion resistance, beautiful and beautiful;

Can be connected to the computer, automatically draw real-time test data curve (optional)


Test Standard

GB/T451.3、ISO534、GB/T 6672

LR-F027B  Thickness Tester of Paper 


Measure Range(0~4)mm
Contact PressureGBT(100±10)kpa
Contact Area(200±5)mm²
Diameter of Chassis convex platform(16±0.15)mm
Indication error0.05%
DisplayDigital display
Outside size(200x150x250)mm
WeightAbout 5KG
Work environmentTemperature (20±10) ℃, humidity < 85%

Product Configuration

Standard configurationBase, digital display table, manual, warranty card, certificate of quality
Optional ConfigurationDigital display table (0.1/0.001/0.0001), professional software, communication cable, etc

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