LR-G041  Full automatic Marking Circle With Adhesion Tester

It is the most traditional method in China to evaluate the adhesion of coating and substrate by the circle method.The method through a specially designed instrument on the coating under test continuous draw many of the same diameter of the circle, the circle at a certain distance with overlapping, and then press the circle intersecting part size is divided into seven parts.When evaluating the complete degree of the paint film, the corresponding grade should be evaluated in the area of a certain part with more than 70% of the coating.

It is the latest in the country, with the following characteristics compared with other traditional domestic machines:

All aluminum oxide fuselage, high grade, beautiful, light

The special indicator light automatically determines whether the pin can be broken into the bottom material, which has the characteristics of operation accuracy and convenience

LR-G041  Full automatic Marking Circle With Adhesion Tester


Radius of gyrationR=5.25mm
Work schedule75mm
Turn needleThree or five CARDS
Load weight100g、200g、500g
The motor power15W
Power supply220V 50HZ
Overall dimensions400×260×370mm(L*W*H)

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