LR-RH600B Automatic emulsion resistance tester for oil products

Product introduction

LR-RH600B automatic test instrument for emulsion resistance of oil products meets the requirements of GB/T 7305-87 and GB/T 7605-87 methods.The instrument adopts 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, high-resolution color touch screen display and PID self-tuning control technology, so that the instrument has the characteristics of high temperature control precision, good repeatability, automatic rise and fall of agitator, four samples can be tested at the same time, intelligent storage of test results and convenient query.Petroleum, electric power, chemical and other industries to replace the import of special instruments.


 LR-RH600B Automatic emulsion resistance tester for oil products

Performance characteristics

  1. The measurement process is fully automatic, stable and reliable;
  2. Adopt 32-bit high-speed CPU and high precision AD;
  3. Unique hardware circuit design;Adopting SMT technology, it has high reliability and high measuring precision.
  4. 5.6-inch industrial color touch screen, no mechanical contact, dustproof, waterproof, anti-rf interference, long service life;
  5. Adopt ±5ppm high-precision clock, internal battery ensures external power loss data storage;
  6. The original imported PT100 sensor is used for rapid and accurate temperature measurement;


LR-RH600B Automatic emulsion resistance tester for oil products

Technical indicators

DisplayTouch HD color LCD
Temperature rangeRoom temperature ~100℃
Temperature control accuracy±0.1℃
Number of experiment holes4
Temperature control modePID adjustment
Stirring speed1500 RPM
Power sourceAC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
Power rate1400W
Applicable ambient temperature10℃~35℃
Applicable relative humidity≤85%






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