LR-VND2000 Automatic Kinematic Viscosimeter

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Product Character:

 High – definition color touch screen

 Four viscometers were tested

 Room temperature ~ 100 degrees can be arbitrarily set temperature control value

 It can be used as a constant temperature water bath

 Can be used online with the computer, upload information and save

 Small volume, light weight, easy to operate

Applicable Standard: GB/T265

Technical Indicators:

Operating temperature: Room temperature to 110 ℃ Ambient temperature: :5~40℃
Accuracy: + / – 0.01 ℃ Relative humidity: 10%~80%
Temperature control accuracy: + / – 0.1 ℃ Power source: AC220V±10% 50Hz±5%
Number of test holes: 4 Power: 1500W