LR-WDW-100E Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine


LR-WDW-100E Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Functions and Features:

LR-WDW-100E is a new generation of microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine.It is mainly used for testing mechanical performance indexes of various metals, nonmetals and composite materials such as stretching, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, etc.The system adopts microcomputer closed-loop control, has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range, and has higher accuracy and sensitivity in the measurement and control of load and displacement.The equipment is suitable for manufacturing industries such as metals, adhesives, pipes, profiles, aerospace, petrochemical industry, waterproof coiled materials, wires and cables, textiles, fibers, rubber, ceramics, food, medical packaging, geotextiles, films, wood, paper and other manufacturing industries as well as product quality supervision departments at all levels. It is also suitable for teaching demonstration work in colleges and universities.

The design of the testing machine host has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, no pollution, low noise and high efficiency.The design of the auxiliary tool is matched with that of the main machine, and the structure is wedge-shaped translational type and manual rotary clamping, so that the sample is not subjected to additional force.Clamping is convenient, reliable and does not slip.

LR-WDW-100E Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Product structure and performance:

◆ Host structure:

The main machine is connected to the worktable by an upper crossbeam, a moving crossbeam and an upright post and a ball screw to form a rigid floor-type frame structure; a domestic AC servo motor and an AC servo speed regulating system are installed below the worktable; and the AC servo motor drives the double ball screw to rotate through a synchronous toothed belt speed reducing mechanism, so that the moving crossbeam is driven to move up and down to realize loading and testing of samples.

◆ System composition:

The system consists of high-precision sensors, high-precision electronic extensometer (optional), servo motor, special independent controller, special measurement and control software and HP mainstream brand microcomputer.

◆ EVOTest Special Measurement and Control Software

EVOTest (Electronic)  special measurement and control software has a multifunctional software package. It can select suitable test software according to the requirements of users in different industries to meet the testing standards in various industries. It has modular and open design. It not only provides the commonly used basic test solution results of GB, ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS and other standards, but also allows users to design different calculation formulas according to their own requirements to solve the required results. It also provides a test report template that allows users to freely design formats to meet the user’s personalized needs and styles of test reports.The user interface supports Windows operating system,

Operating interface: the operating interface is simple and easy to understand, and is displayed in English or Russian, which is a learning-by-learning software operation;

LR-WDW-100E Microcomputer control electronic universal testing machine

Product standard technical parameters:

Max Load    100kn
AccuracyGrade 0.5
Testing Range2%~100%F.S(Max Load)
Max tensile/compression space650mm
Max test width400mm
Displacement controls the speed range0.001~500mm/min
Measuring AccuracyBetter than ±0.5% of the Indicator
Resolution of Effort1/500000 of the Full Scale
Displacement Accuracy±1%
Displacement ErrorWithin ±1% of  Indicator
Deformation Resolution0.001mm
Deformation Relative ErrorWithin ±1%
Host Size(L*W*H)815×500×1975mm(Can be Customized)
Net Weight550kg
Power SupplySingle-phase ,220V,50HZ
Tensile test flat jaw:0 ~ 7mm,7-14 mm,14-20mm
Tensile test round jaw4 ~ 9 mm,9-14mm,14-20mm
Environmental requirements: no vibration, no dust; Room temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃; Humidity of 80% or less;

No vibration around, no corrosive medium, no strong magnetic field interference;


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