Peel Test Sample Preparation/tape hand roller

Tape hand roller use:

Tape hand roller is widely used in the preparation of test specimens for adhesive tape stripping strength and stickiness, etc.

It is widely used in the industry of adhesive products.

During the test, the test specimens of adhesive tape are standardized and smooth and stick to the standard test substrate with fixed pressure and speed.

Tape hand roller has the advantages of simple operation and stable quality.

 I. Technical parameters of Tape hand roller:

1. Rotating pressure speed: manual

2. Load of pressing wheel: 2000±50g

3. Roller width: 45mm metal wheel

4. Roller diameter: 83mm

5. Thickness of compound rubber: 84±1mm

6. Hardness of compound rubber: HS80±5

 Manual roller reference standard: CNS 11888, PSTC-8


Peel Test Sample Preparation/tape hand roller

Iii. Tape hand roller operation Method:

Put the steel plate on the machine, tape on one end of the steel plate, the other end can support the manual roller, roll back and forth for 3 times.


Peel Test Sample Preparation/tape hand roller

Iv. Matters needing attention for Tape hand rolleroperation:

1. During the test, the steel plate should be placed correctly, unable to support the auxiliary handle on both sides of the press wheel.

2. The surface of the press wheel should be kept clean. Please keep it properly when not in use.

3. Please be operated by professionals to avoid improper use.


V. Maintenance of Tape hand roller:

1. Please wipe with clean cotton cloth for maintenance.

2. Cleaning and maintenance shall be carried out after use.


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