PGA-6L New Low Noise Air Generator Machine



PGA-6L new air generator uses low noise compressor as air source; The instrument is equipped with two level voltage regulator and temperature automatic control device, purification system by filter. Active carbon chamber and color-changing silicone chamber, which can effectively remove impurities and water molecules in the air. Can be used at home and abroad for various types of gas chromatograph, flame photometer, can replace the cylinder to make your work more convenient.

PGA-6L New Low Noise Air Generator Machine

Technical parameter

1, working conditions: power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

Ambient temperature: 15-40C° Relative humidity ≤70%

No large amount of dust and corrosive gas pollution.

2. Air purity: oil-free three-stage purification

3, output flow: PGA-6L type 0-6L/min

4, output pressure: output 0-0.6Mpa

5, noise: ≤42 decibels

6, rated power: 300W;

7, overall size: 650×255×420mm (L×W×H);

8, weight: PGA-6L about 28Kg;

PGA-6L New Low Noise Air Generator Machine



1. It can replace the traditional high-pressure air bottle and adopt stainless steel gas storage tank to purify the laboratory instruments.


2, the operation is simple, just start the power switch can produce gas, can be used continuously, can also be intermittent use.


3. The gas path system is set as three-stage purification.


4, with a voltage regulator.


5, with overvoltage protection.


6, equipped with automatic drainage device, safe and convenient use


7, with normal pressure starting, can prolong the service life.


8. The front panel is provided with an exhaust knob. Please loosen the knob when not in use for a long time.


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