TP30-SE RoHS2.0 environmental protection tester

TP30-SE ROHS2.0 hot crack release attachment detector – phthalate screening device
I. Main performance parameters of TP30SE hot crack release accessory instrument

1, using advanced ceramic ceramic heating mode, ceramic body equipped with high precision temperature sensor, precise temperature control, solution straw heating fast and stable fast, low voltage work, safe and reliable.

2, with the program temperature function, you can set different temperature intervals and gradients;

3. PC software control system, larger expansion performance, more convenient operation;

4, abandon the traditional mechanical valve, the use of CNC solenoid valve, gas path control more accurate;

5, equipped with electronic type gas pressure regulator valve and needle type pressure valve, to achieve full computer accurate control; Independent intellectual property rights of the valve switching system, no dead volume, stable and efficient, no sample residue.

According to the needs of users, the samples in different diameters of the straw can be heated, the highest temperature can be controlled at 500ºC.

The desorption device is installed directly on the sample inlet of the gas chromatograph to ensure rapid desorption of the sample into the chromatography.

It can directly desorption, desorption and sampling analysis of standard atmospheric sampling tube or any solid material containing organic matter.

Technical parameters:
Cracking unit (Φ6 cracking tube) Temperature range: room temperature ~ 450ºC, with an increment of 1ºC. Cracking device (Φ6 cracking tube) heating rate: > 500ºC/ min.

The cracking time range of the cracking device: 0.01 ~ 99.99min, with an increment of 0.01 min. The purging time range of the cracker is 0.01 ~ 99.99min, with an increment of 0.01 min. Purge flow range of the cracker: 10ml ~ 200ml.

Split flow range of the cracking unit: 10ml ~ 200ml.

Pyrolysis unit heating control voltage: 16VDC.

Aging cleaning device temperature range: room temperature ~ 450ºC, in 1ºC increment (optional). Aging cleaning device time range: 1 to 1200 minutes, in increments of 1 minute.

TP30-SE ROHS2.0 hot crack release attachment detector – phthalate screening device
Two, the main performance parameters of gas chromatograph

Friendly human-machine dialog interface makes your operation easier.

1. Shunt/non-shunt injection system makes analysis flexible and convenient.

2, comes with two way valve parts control system, convenient to realize online automatic sampling.

3, high precision EFC (flow) system makes your flow at a glance, can more accurately set the gas flow.

4, comprehensive detection and fault diagnosis system, so that you can quickly judge and solve the problem of the instrument.

5, Wider temperature control range: ambient temperature +5ºC ~ 400ºC, so that the sample analysis range is wider.

6. Self-developed gas cut-off protection system can avoid damage to detector and chromatographic column to the maximum extent.

8, column box can be installed ultra-low temperature control system, -80ºC ultra-low temperature control, to meet your low boiling point material analysis needs.

9. The intercolumn compensation circuit electronically compensates the drift of the baseline during the program’s heating operation, reducing the complexity brought by the second column, detector and auxiliary flow system. Two single-column compensation channels can be installed simultaneously.

TP30-SE ROHS2.0 hot crack release attachment detector – phthalate screening device
Column temperature box system

Temperature range: Ambient temperature +5 ° C to 450 ° C

Third order programmed heating rate of 0 ~ 50ºC/min; The increment is 0.1ºC/min. Temperature control accuracy ±0.015ºC,

The user can re-calibrate the furnace temperature, and set the highest temperature at will. Intelligent rear door opening system stepless variable inlet and outlet air volume, shorten the rise/drop temperature

After the system stable equilibrium time. It takes less than 12min for the column box to drop from 300ºC to 50ºC.

TP30-SE ROHS2.0 hot crack release attachment detector – phthalate screening device
Injection system

1. Packed column sampler: Suitable for various caliber packed column and large caliber capillary column.

2. Capillary sampler: Optional shunt/non-shunt sampler controlled by programming valve.

3. Headspace sampler and thermal analyzer of our company can be selected.

Detector system
Hydrogen flame ion detector (FID) : easy to disassemble and install, easy to clean or replace the nozzle, simple operation; Input signal can be logarithmic amplification, reduce interference, high sensitivity, good linearity, wide range.

Detection limit: Mt≤5×10-12 g/s(n-cetane) Baseline noise: ≤ 6×10-12 A/H

Linear range: ≥105

Stability time: < 0.5h.

3. Supplementary materials

Product Manual, Product Delivery Report, Phthalate Standard Product Certificate, TP30SE Operation Guide, Daily Inspection List
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