Test Substrates

If coatings tests are to be reliable and reproducible, they must be performed on a substrate which is reasonably consistent from test to test. Unfortunately, ordinary commercial sheet steel displays wide variations in the surface properties which affect the bonding of coatings.

Biuged Brand Test Substrates provide a uniform and consistent surface for testing paints, coatings and adhesives. Panels are available in a variety of substrates, surface finishes, sizes and shapes. They are used to minimize metal variability as a source of bias in critical tests and they are economical enough to be used for sales samples and batch records.

        Panel Options. Panels are available in steel and aluminum, bare and pretreated. Most panels are flat and rectangular, but we do have special shapes such as automotive styling panels which mimic the side of an automobile. In addition, custom panels can be manufactured to specification.

        Consistent & Convenient. The Biuged production process is specifically tailored to minimize variability of metallic surfaces. We buy all of our substrates direct from selected mills which control surface texture to our specifications. Our inventory of over a million panels means that 95% of our orders are shipped from stock.

        Economical. Due to high volume production, our panels cost less than one might expect.  Equally important, the convenience of pre-cleaned, safe, standardized panels reduces the expensive time lab personnel could spend cleaning and handling panels.







Steel  PanelsLR 2310120×50×0.5300 pcsPolishing
LR 2311150×70×0.5180 pcsPolishing / hole and Circuital corner
LR 2312120×50×0.8300 pcsPolishing
LR 2313150×70×0.8180 pcsPolishing / hole and Circuital corner
LR 2314120×50×1.0300 pcsPolishing
LR 2315150×70×1.0180 pcsPolishing / hole and Circuital corner
  Special  Processing
Steel Panels
LR 2317150×70×0.8180 pcsWith Cathodic Electrophoresis paint
LR 2318150×70×0.8180 pcsSpray Sand (Ra 4.5~5.5)
LR 2319150×70×0.8180 pcsPhosphated
Stainless   Steel PanelLR 2341Customized—-304 mirror surface
LR 2342Customized—-304 brushed surface
LR 2343Customized—-316 material
Aluminum PanelsLR 2320120×50×0.5300 pcsChromated
LR 2321150×70×0.5180 pcsChromated
LR 2322120×50×0.8300 pcsChromated
LR 2323150×70×0.8180 pcsChromated
LR 2324120×50×1.0300 pcsChromated
LR 2325150×70×1.0180 pcsChromated
ABS  Plastic PanelsLR 240088×62×2.0500 pcsCoarse /smooth surface
LR 2401130×80×2.0250 pcsCoarse emery/exiguous emery/smooth surface
PC  Plastic PanelsLR 241088×62×2.0500 pcsCoarse /smooth surface
LR 2411130×80×2.0250 pcsCoarse emery/exiguous emery/smooth surface
HIPS  Plastic PanelsLR 242088×62×2.0500 pcsCoarse /smooth surface
LR 2421130×80×2.0250 pcsCoarse emery/exiguous emery/smooth surface
      ABS+PC  Plastic
LR 243088×62×2.0500 pcsCoarse /smooth surface
LR 2431130×80×2.0250 pcsCoarse emery/exiguous emery/smooth surface

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