Vertical PVC Plastic Injection Molding Tester/Factory Injection Machine

Brief introduction:

LR-350ST injection molding machine is the main molding equipment to make plastic products of various shapes by thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics using plastic forming molds.Divided into vertical, horizontal, full – electric.The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic so that it is shot out and fills the mold cavity.


Vertical PVC Plastic Injection Molding Tester/Factory Injection Machine


1, straight screw injection device.

  1. Second (third) section temperature control, fast firing rate, back pressure, screw rotation without section adjustment, suitable for various precision plastic parts forming.
  2. The lower mold fixes the upper mold movement, which has good positioning for the inlaid articles, and has the finished product ejector device.
  3. Low-pressure die closing device protects mold safety.
  4. LCD display screen.


Vertical PVC Plastic Injection Molding Tester/Factory Injection Machine

Product Description:

  1. Vertical mold opening, vertical injection, suitable for insert molding
  2. Nitrided steel screw, material tube, high torque hydraulic motor drive, multi-stage injection pressure, good plasticizing performance.
  3. Direct pressure mother-mold lock cylinder design, rapid mold clamping, low-pressure safety mold clamping, automatic mold closing, multiple pressure control, high safety and improved mold life.
  4. Electrical protection device, no mistakes, maintenance operator safety.
  5. Automatic fault display, maintenance is quick and easy.
  6. Electronic control and hydraulic use brand-name parts, quiet, precise and durable.
  7. Multi-stage temperature control, multi-stage injection pressure, rate of fire, back pressure stepless adjustment, suitable for molding of precision plastic parts.
  8. Optional servo energy-saving motor.
  9. This machine offers a wide range of programmable functions including automatic inclusion, extraction and fully-automatic production.

10 Two column and four column (option)


Vertical PVC Plastic Injection Molding Tester/Factory Injection Machine

Technical parameters:


Injection systemThe screw diameterMm262830303235
Injection Pressurekg/c㎡153012788861171996810
Theoretical injection capacitycm6170.8818192117
Injection quantity(PS)g5664747484106
Injection quantity(PS)OZ22.32.62.633.8
Injection ratecm/sec57667662.57195
Screw the tripmm115115
Screw revolutionrpm0-2050-190
Nozzle contact forceTons4.454.45
Nozzle tripmm170190
Number of temperature control sections 33
Clamping systemClamping forceTons3545
Board sizemm450X280480X310
Die column spacingmm265295
Minimum modulus of thickmm100/25100/60
Opening strokemm190180
Maximum die spacingmm290/215280/240
Ejection pressureTons1.51.5
Ejection strokemm135135
Power electrothermal systemMaximum hydraulic pressurekg/c㎡140140
Pump discharge volumel/min34.537.2
As a dynamic oil Quantityl100130
Cooling water consumptionl/hr400-600600-800
The motor powerKW/HP3.75/5.5HP5.5/7.5HP
The electric capacityKW2.42.8
The total power consumptionKW6.39
ElseMachine weightTons1.72.6
Mechanical dimensionsm1.5×1.05×2.721.8X1.25X3.08
Pay the ship weightTons22.9
Pay the ship sizem1.8X1.3X2.32X1.45X2.3

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