What is the difference between a trichromatic chromometer and a spectrophotometer?

Tritorimeter and spectrophotometer are both used to measure color difference, but their working principle and measuring method are different.

By measuring the reflection or transmission of the light of three basic colors, red, green and blue, the color difference meter calculates the three stimulus values (L, a and b values) of the sample, so as to obtain the color difference value between the sample and the standard color. Tristimulus value chromatic aberrator can measure the color brightness, chroma and hue of the sample, is a commonly used portable chromatic aberration instrument, suitable for some simple chromatic aberration measurement.

The spectrophotometer uses spectrophotometry to decompose the light into different wavelengths of the spectrum, and then measure the intensity of each wavelength of the light, calculate the spectral reflectance or transmittance of the sample, and then get the chromaticity coordinates and color difference of the sample. The spectrophotometer can measure the spectral information of the sample, and the measurement of color details is more accurate and fine. It is suitable for precision color measurement and color matching.

What is the difference between a trichromatic chromometer and a spectrophotometer?

Therefore, the tritorimeter is suitable for some simple color measurement, while the spectrophotometer is suitable for more complex and precise color measurement. There is also a difference in price between tristiometry and spectrophotometer. Tristiometry usually has a lower price, while spectrophotometer has a higher price. In terms of application, tri stimulus value color difference meter is usually used for some simple color comparison and measurement, such as comparing whether the color of different batches is consistent, judging whether the product meets the color requirements. The spectrophotometer is suitable for fine color measurement and matching fields, such as printing, coating, textile and other industries with high color accuracy requirements.

In a word, the trichromatic value chromatic difference meter and the spectrophotometer are different in color measurement, and the choice of the appropriate instrument needs to be determined according to the specific measurement requirements and application scenarios

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