CST-50 Impact Sample Projector

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1.Brief introduction of main uses and functions 聽

CST – 50 type charpy projector is my company according to the actual needs of the masses of users and GB/T229-1994 in metal charpy impact test method for impact test specimen gap requirements and the development of a dedicated to testing the charpy V type and U type gap processing quality of optical instrument, this instrument is to use optical projection method will be the impact of the test sample V and U gap contour after magnified 50 times projected on the projection screen, and the impact of the projection screen sample V and model contrast figure, u-shaped gap standard to determine whether the gap of the samples tested to be qualified.Its advantage is easy to operate, comparative intuitionistic.

2.Working principle

The light emitted by the light source of the projector illuminates the object to be measured through a condenser, and then projects the magnified outline of the object to the projection screen with the objective lens.

As required, the instrument is illuminated by a single projection. The light source is projected on the worktable through a series of optical elements, which, through a series of optical elements, will clearly project the notch outline of the tested sample onto the projection screen.The object is transformed into a positive image through secondary magnification and reflection. The figure seen on the projection screen is consistent with the position of the actual sample.

3.Technical specification

1銆丼creen diameter:180mm

2銆乄ork table size

Square table size:110脳125mm

Diameter of round table锛90mm

Table glass diameter锛70mm

3.Work table travel锛



go up and down锛毬12 mm 聽锛坣o scale锛

4銆丼wivel range of the table: 0锝360掳锛坣o scale锛

5銆両nstrument magnification rate: 50x

Magnification of objective lens:2.5x

Projection objective magnification rate:20x

6銆丩ight source锛坔alogen tungsten lamp锛夛細12V 聽聽聽聽100W

7銆丳ower:220V 聽聽聽聽50Hz

8銆丱verall dimensionsL515脳224脳603mm锛圠脳W脳H锛

9銆乄eight:about 18kg