Martindale Abrader/Fabrics Abrasion Resistance Tester

 Equipment description:

The theory: at a given pressure ,circular fabric specimen and the same material, carrying out friction Lissajous trajectory graph, after achieved the required rotation, evaluate the pilling degree of the specimen. Also applies to GB/T13775, ASTM D4966, ISO12947 and other fabric wear test. The theory: circular fabric sample at a certain pressure, rubbing with the standard abrasive according to Lisa if (Lissajous) curve’strajectory, leading to specimen damaged, use the times of specimen damaged to represent fabric abrasion wear resistance.


Martindale Abrader/Fabrics Abrasion Resistance Tester

Main feature:

The instrument learn the advantages of domestic and foreign similar equipment’s design, it with elegant appearance, and touch display screen, the interface easy to understand, easy to operate,computer system uses two counting methods, visual appearance, convenient setting, 8 station testing at the same time to improve test efficiency. Instrument also has two kinds of Li Sha Ru (Lissajous),saying 24mm × 24mm and 60.5mm × 60.5mm, and a variety of trajectory matching accessories, can adapt to a variety of test methods standard.


Martindale Abrader/Fabrics Abrasion Resistance Tester


The pilling degree test of fabric of GB/T4802.2,ASTM D4970,ISO12945-2 etc.

The wear test of fabric of GB/T13775,ASTM D4966,ISO12947-2,ISO 5470-2 etc.


Technical parameter:



Station number


4 station


Count display

a. Estimated counting:0~999999 times


b. Total counting:0~999999 times


Maximum dynamic range


24±0.5mm ,60.5±0.5mm


Weight of pressure thing




b. Cloth samples hammer:395±2g


c. Furniture accessories sample hammer:594±2g


d. Stainless steel butterfly piece:260±1g


Effective friction diameter of grinding block


A type: 200g (1.96N) friction head    ¢ 28.8-0.084mm


B type: 155g (1.52N) friction head    ¢ 90-0.10mm


The relative velocity of Gripper and the grinding station




Weight of pressure hammer















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