Scope of application:

It is used for the determination of anti-seepage performance of various kinds of fabrics (such as canvas, coating cloth, tent cloth, tarpaulin, waterproof clothing cloth and earthwork cloth etc.).

Test Standard :

GB/T 4744, FZT 01004, AATCC 127, DIN 53886, JIS L 1092

Device characteristics:

  1. Computer program control, LCD Englishmenu, built-in 2 test methods.
  2. Built-in water tank design, original water pressure rate balance system, rising speed is stable and accurate.

Technical parameters :

ModelMeasure RangeAccuracyThe rate of water pressure riseArea of sample holder
-5 model500pa-50kpa0.2%F.S1kpa-20kpa100cm2
  1. Test mode: supercharging method;Water seepage
  2. Free setting of measurement units (pa, Kpa, mmHg, cmH2O)
  3. Power supply: Ac 220V plus or minus 10% 50HZ 100W
  4. External dimensions: 550 x 400 x 500mm
  5. Weight: 50kg


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