Scope of application:

Used in cotton, wool, silk, hemp, chemical fiber and other kinds of woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and general nonwoven fabrics, coated fabrics

It is also suitable for determination of the stiffness of soft materials such as paper, leather and film.

Test Standard :

ZB WO4003, GB/T18318, ASTM D 1388, is09073-7, BS EN22313

Technical parameters :

  1. Host working mode: microcomputer control, infrared contact surface detection, liquid crystal Chinese display, report printing
  2. Online working mode: professional analysis software, computer operation, report statistics, printout

3, the precision of the instrument is: 41.5 °;43 °.45 ° adjustable

  1. Extend the length range: 0.5 to 20.5cm
  2. Measurement accuracy: 0.01cm
  3. Sample size: 2.5 by 25cm
  4. Sample pressboard specification: 2.5 x 25cm
  5. Push speed of sample pressing plate: 0.3cm/s 0.4cm/s 0.5cm/s
  6. Electricity source: AC220V 50Hz 0.12Kw
  7. Appearance size: 470 x 290 x 405mm
  8. Weight: 18Kg


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