Scope of application:

Used in cotton, chemical fiber, blending and other non-ferrous fabrics and leather dry, wet friction and scrubbing color fastness testing.

Test standard :

ISO105X12, GB/t3920/5712/420, aatcc8/165, BS1006 D02

Device characteristics :

  1. Linear guide rail transmission and strict guarantee of frictional travel;
  2. Dc motor drive and PI control algorithm speed regulation, making the instrument running smoothly and low noise;
  3. The instrument can be operated with an infinite speed adjustment, and the customer can set the free setting speed according to the test.
  4. Instruments can be selected in many ways:

Counting method: number count, time count;

Counting mode: counting and subtracting;

  1. Compact design of two stations, saving cost and improving efficiency;
  2. Pneumatic clamping sample, which can adapt to different thickness of real samples, test finished, automatically top up the bar, convenient and fast, greatly improve test efficiency.

Technical parameters:

  1. Weight of friction head: 9N + 0.2n
  2. Diameter of friction head;Φ 16 + / – 0.1 mm (round);19mm x 25.4mm (rectangle)
  3. Number of crank rotation: 60 + / 1 / min
  4. Reciprocating times: 99999 times can be set
  5. Friction head: 104mm + 3mm
  6. Sample thickness: less than 10mm
  7. Motor power: 30w
  8. Sample opening and width: 105 x 3mm
  9. External dimension: 430 x 600 x 420 mm
  10. Voltage: AC220V, 50HZ
  11. Weight: about 45Kg


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