Constant temperature tape retention tester

 Product Description:

It is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB 4851 (test method for the stickiness of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape) and the standard method for the stickiness determination of paste, which is suitable for the stickiness test of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, self-adhesive, paste, hot sol and other products. 



Constant temperature tape retention tester

Test method of high temperature sticking-Tester: stick the adhesive tape on the test board and hang the standard load at the lower end. After a period of time, measure the distance of the adhesive tape sliding or the adhesive time to evaluate the durability of adhesive tape.


Constant temperature tape retention tester

Main technical parameters of high temperature viscosity tester:

Standard press roller: 2000g±50g

Just 1000g±10g (with loading pad weight)

Test plate: 60 (L) mm×40 (B) mm×1.5 (D) mm

Determination of sets (timed separately) : 5 or 10 sets

Automatic timer: 0 ~ 999,999 minutes or seconds can be switched

Temperature control: Normal temperature ~ 200℃, PID control

Temperature display: 0.1 ℃

Heating mode: hot air circulation

Safety device: equipped with automatic power off protection facilities for overtemperature and electric overload

Material: internal SUS #304 stainless steel plate, external advanced steel paint treatment

Inner dimensions :(W*D*H) 500*350* 450mm

Volume product: (W*D*H) 1020*410*860 mm

Weight: 56 kg

Electric source: 1,AC220V, 15A


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